Alessio Romagnoli: READY FOR THE DERBY

Twitter Q&A today @acmilan for Alessio Romagnoli.

(PHOTO: From the club twitter @acmilan, Alessio Romagnoli at Milanello just before the Q&A)MILAN – Live Q&A for Alessio Romagnoli on Twitter: click here.

Alessio had plenty of tweets which he answered from Milanello:

– Romagnoli greeted the Milan fans in Indonesia and confirmed he did not have an official Twitter account.

– Alessio: I cannot wait for Sunday and to play against a great team such as Inter! To you, @Interare you ready?

– Alessio: “I am friendly with everyone but I am close to @ale_cerci_7 and @BertolacciTweet!”

– Alessio: “Who would you have liked to have seen play? Definitely Van Basten andMaradona!”

– Other concepts, Romagnoli: “There is a responsibility wearing the Milan shirt. Top players have worn it and I will look to honour it. My favourite dish: I love fettuccine with meat. Who would you like to have played with at Milan? Ronaldinho and Beckham. Playstation? Great matches with Gigio Donnarumma”.

Alessio added: “Nothing is lacking in Milan. I like Milan even if I miss the sea? The derby? It is exciting and challenging but I’m not afraid. Casa Milan? We are more than ready for tomorrow, we expect all the fans at 17:30!”