(IN THE PHOTO: Milan in attack during the match)MILAN- The Milan Primavera side won 3-1 today against Croatian side Rijeka in the last-16 of the Viareggio Tournament.The first-half finished 1-0 in favour of the Croatian side thanks to a 2nd minute penalty from Postonjski.After going a goal down, the rossoneri youngsters had 4 good occasions to equalize: one from Petagna, 2 from Pedone and one from Benedicic.However, in the second-half the rossoneri youngsters came back thanks to goals from Simic and a brace from Benedicic.The Primavera have now qualified for the quarter finals of the competition and will face Colombian side Envigado this Thursday the 13th of February.Here were the official line-ups for today’s match:MILAN: Gori; Calabria, Simic, Pacifico, Tamas; Mastalli, Benedicic, Aniekan, Pedone, Petagna, Di Molfetta. Subs: Ferrari, Iotti, Pinato, Piccinocchi, Bende, Modic, De Santis, Saporetti, Fabbro, Cernigoi, Vido, Livieri, Barisic. Coach: Filippo Inzaghi.RIJEKA: Bilandzic, Bukvic, Vidas, Fumic, Nasiru, Batinic, Marcius, Postonjski, Mrsic, Furijan, Collins. Subs: Hodak, Joshua, Magas, Pericic, Filipovic, Faisal, Hodzic, Kurilic. Coach: Renato Pilipovic.