(IN THE PHOTO: Kakà, Balotelli and Abate celebrate a goal at the San Siro)MILAN – This is what was said by the players and staff after Milan’s victory against Livorno on Saturday afternoon:COACH CLARENCE SEEDORF"Today I had a feeling Pazzini could score. He’s a player that has always given his all. I saw that he was in good shape and I thought that he would have the space out on the pitch to do well. I told him to come on and score. It went well. We struggled versus Catania, the players took lots of shots and gave their all physically and mentally. They grinded out the result against Catania, whereas today we showed the quality of the squad. We’re growing and we’re getting to know each other better. Things don’t just happen out of nothing, they take time to create. We’ll continue with this intensity and approach. We’ve now got a tough Roma side to play. They’re achieving incredible things this season. We’ll try and give our very best. Robinho played a good 80 minutes and I’m happy about this. I’m happy to have lots of choice up front. I’m also happy about the Primavera result and for Stephan. We’ll now wait and see how his body reacts. We don’t want to make any mistakes with him. We want to now finish the season in the best way possible. We’ve stated our objective and we’re trying to achieve that. I thank all the Milan fans for their support of the team that is improving. Happy Easter with the hope that it will be spent with family".GIAMPAOLO PAZZINI"I feel the support from all my team-mates, the club and the fans and for that reason I often feel responsible when I’m not able to score. I missed a goal scoring chance but then Mario set me up with a great ball. It didn’t change much in terms of the outcome of the match, but it was important for morale. I’m really happy. The game was over, but it was a big goal for my confidence. We’re doing well, 5 victories help you win more. After the derby match, we’ll see where we are and we’ll see what we can do. After the match with Cagliari, I was thinking about the World Cup, but now the choice of strikers has been made. I hope to still achieve a lot between now and the end of the season. We’re happy to see El Shaarawy again. He’s desperate to get going again, but when you’re out of action for a long time it takes time to get back to your best. My knee caused me a lot of problems last year, I would have preferred to have scored a few more goals. I’m really happy here, I feel the affection of the fans and I hope to finish the season well. We got back on track after the Parma match also thanks to the fans, that have always been close to us. Now we have Roma on the way which is a tough one. A team like Milan has to think about getting points. The Europa League may not be the Champions League, but I would be happy to play in the competition. Thanks once again for today and the support that our fans have always shown me. A message to our supporters? Have a great Easter and a nice day with your families. We’ll see you all in Rome!".ADEL TAARABT"They call me ‘Adil’ at home but you can call me what you like. I’m really happy to have scored my first goal at the San Siro. I was waiting a long time for it, but the main thing is the 3 points for the team. I like to help the team, and then if I’m able to play well then that’s a bonus. We had a good time today with Robinho and Mario Balotelli. We linked up well and we put on a show. I tried to please the crowd! No one had heard of me in Italy before I came to the club, so I have to thank the CEO Adriano Galliani. When he brought me to the club he said “now show them who you are” and I’m trying to do this. The league table is now without a doubt a lot better. This is just the start though. We now have to collect points against Roma and Inter. My friends have already started to ask me about the derby, but we’ve got Roma before that. The Roma match will also be a kind of derby as Benatia plays there. I’m expecting a lot from the Inter match. Many people have spoken to me about this match. I have fun out on the pitch and I try to put on a show for the fans. I try to do my best and when possible help the team out in all phases of play."KEVIN CONSTANT"The compliments for my performance go to the lads who give me confidence and I hope to continue with this team. I wanted to bounce back and every time the coach calls upon me I want to give my best to help-out the team. We’re all full of confidence and this helps us out on the pitch. The tough times were hard, but it didn’t knock our confidence and we all continued to work hard. We’re following the coach’s instructions and we’ll continue on this path. I’m happy Balotelli scored. However, the most important thing is that Milan win and that we arrive in the Europa League. We need to fight with Parma and think about our matches. We’ve now got a tough game with Roma on the way and we have to focus. Happy Easter everybody!"CLARENCE SEEDORF (press conference)"I wanted to respect the personal situation of President Berlusconi and hence we haven’t spoken much. Until the club says otherwise, I will continue on this path, trying to help improve the side and its results and looking to plan for next season. The Parma match wasn’t the turning point, we had already given a good response out on the pitch against Juve and Atletico Madrid. The Parma game wasn’t the match which motivated the players to bounce back. To suggest that is an insult to these professionals who were determined to get out of this tough situation for the club. The squad had already performed well prior to the fans’ protests. In that moment, the fans wanted to show their feelings, but the players were already on the right path to improving the situation and we’re now seeing the positive results."