MILAN – This is what coach Filippo Inzaghi had to say after the Primavera’s victory in Milan-Varese earlier today:"Varese today had players from their First Team. Forte plays with the First Team, while Barberis has played in Serie C,. They’re a good team. We tried to play our game but conceded a dubious penalty and we made things hard for ourselves. We had a valid goal by Pinato ruled out for offside, there was a lot of confusion. After half an hour I changed the formation and it went better. I pushed Pinato forward, put Mastalli at right-back and Pedone in front of him. Then Vido scored two top goals. Vido was born in 1997 so is young but he was very good. Today there were four players who are of Allievi age. I think this is a great source of satisfaction for the entire Milan Youth Sector. To finish the match with players that young is very satisfying. We’ve now got to get our energy back and rest up.We were short on players. Di Molfetta was out along with Petagna who is injured. We had spells of prolonged possession and good build up play. We could have even scored a fourth goal. We suffered, which is normal. If Varese were to always play with these players, they could win the league. Our focus now has to be on Lanciano.I was speaking with one of my players and I was sent off. I’m also sorry for Pacifico. He’s a fair player, I don’t know what happened. According to him, he didn’t say anything. It’s not easy to be a referee. I’m sorry because we won’t have our captain against Lanciano. I’ve told him off, but I’ll have to analyse other events.”