(IN THE PHOTO: Daniele Massaro poses with some potential future stars)MILAN - The Milan Junior Project is continuing to grow with the opening of two new Milan Soccer Schools in addition to those already up and running for a while in Oita and Komaki.In April the new ISHIKAWA (Kahoku) Milan Soccer School will be opened and in June another one in CHIBA (Sakura). The two new soccer schools were presented by Milan’s representative Daniele Massaro, a star in the land of the rising sun.With the two new soccer schools in Chiba and Ishikawa it means that over 1500 Japanese children will be enrolled in the Milan Soccer Schools where they will wear the red and black Milan jersey and train according to the principles and methodology of the Milan Academy.A Milan Technical Director is present in every one of the 4 soccer schools sent directly from Italy and who will work permanently in Japan. (Matteo Cont in Komaki, Luca Monese in Oita, Marco Pompili in Ishikawa and Claudio Zola in Chiba).The growing interest and rising numbers of participants are a testimony to the interest and respect for Milan and the Milan Junior Project in Japan.