MILAN - Adriano Galliani has been speaking about the Honda's arrival at the club. The chief executive said: "Honda is in Japan to take all his stuff. Negotiations? Military secret (smiling Adriano Galliani, Ed.) Contract? Three and a half years, until June 30, 2017. We never give out figures on any player. we only have the sporting rights for Honda. Honda wanted the number ten so the club accepted that request. we believe he is a very good player, he has always done well and will do well here too. Milan in the Champions League? Just look at the European ranking and you will understand. We are in the top 10. Historically we do better on the international front than at national level. Unfortunately, the Europa League counts for less points in the ranking so we need to watch out for Portugal. As for Juventus, the match should have been called off, you could not play football."
Umberto Gandini also spoke about the new signing. He said: "Being a non-EU player, Honda must pass a procedure that set out with the FIGC and CONI in accordance with national laws and through the embassy of origin, or in this case. the the Japanese one. January 3rd which is the first day of the transfer window for 2014, the Italian Football Federation will start this whole procedure and within a few days all done electronically, Honda will receive a work permit and will be duly registered. The fact that the Real Madrid fans did not want to draw Milan in the Champions League because they know they will in for a tough game. Milan's share of the share pool in the Champions League will increase. As champions, Juventus received 50 per cent of the very first portion, Napoli 35 for being second and Milan 15 as we finished third. Now Napoli and Juventus will receive a sixth and Milan an eighth. The more games Milan play the larger the share.
Nelson Dida has been speaking to Milan Channel on a visit back to the club. The former goalkeeper said: "I am excited to be here at Milanello and see so many friends in this beautiful environment. It was also a thrill to return to the San Siro and cheer Milan through to the next round. The players are committed to giving their all and it was a great pleasure for me to watch the match. I am very happy to see Kaka back at Milan, he is playing really well and he can return to the national team if he continues to do well here which will also help Milan. I know Ricky and I know how important it is to him to score his one hundredth goal. Robinho is doing well. He is a great character and I have spoken to Gabriel too although I do not know him that well. I will watch him in training so I will get to know him better. It was important to get through in the Champions League but it is very different from the league and sometimes you get two different results in each competition which was the case when I was playing. Milan have time to catch up and I played in some great derbies where some went well and others less so but it is always a great game played at the highest level."
Urby Emanuelson has been speaking to Milan Channel about the upcoming matches. The full-back said: "I took a knock in the first half against Livorno, then I continued to play on and I only felt it on the plane. The next day I could not walk and put my shoe on. I was not happy with what happened because I wanted to play against Ajax, my former team, but in the end, however, I am happy because we qualified. Our tactics changed when Montolivo was sent off. I knew it would be a difficult game because Ajax are a fit side and play well. Anyway, I am happy because in the end it is only the result that counts. The next matches against Roma and Inter are really important. Mario always want to do well, it's hard for him because when things go wrong he is judged so it is difficult to manage but he is an exceptional talent. He is playing well and scoring goals. Roma are a good team, with quality in their side, but I think when we play at home we can beat anyone."