< ![CDATA[MILAN - Mbaye Niang has been speaking exclusively to Milan Channel: "The loan period in France helped me develop both on and off the pitch. I like when we play with intensity as it brings out the best in us. Hopefully I can maintain the right intensity and make my contribution. I also want to help out in defensive as the technical staff have asked of me. There have been certain matches when I have struggled when the full-back plays higher up the pitch and I need to push them further back but I like the role the coach has given me even though I will play wherever I am asked. I have played on the left and as a main striker during the pre-season and all I want to do is give my best. I want to score more this season because that is part of a striker's job. I did that in France where it is easier to score. The coach wants me to show a bit more steel, he has given me a lot of advice and having such confidence makes me feel confident in enabling me to give my all." ]]>