MAURO TASSOTTI: “We’ll have more space this evening”

MILAN - Mauro Tassotti spoke to the Milan Channel ahead of this evening’s match:"We’ll probably have more space this evening but so will they. So far, no one has beaten Roma and there must be a reason for that. We know Totti well, he’ll start the match or he’ll come off the bench. We’ll need to show the attentiveness that we showed with 10 players on the pitch against Ajax. He’s a champions with a capital ‘C’. We know about the draw but’s hard to think that things went well as at this stage they’re all great teams. If we want to beat them in two months’ time, we’ll need to improve. They’re on top of the Liga and we’re a bit behind.  We have time, but we’ll need to grow a lot if we’re to knock them out.”