MILAN – This is what Alessandro Mastalli of the Milan Primavera had to say to the Milan Channel yesterday:"We need to focus on the league as we’re picking up precious points. We’re unfortunately a bit behind and we can’t make any mistakes. The Viareggio Tournament and the Youth League are over, so now we can focus solely on the league championship. There’s a lot of sadness about the points dropped at Lanciano as well as those we lost at Pescara. It’s a shame as with those points we could have been in first place. Brescia will probably sit back and look to use the counter-attack. It won’t be easy, but we can do it. The desire to win sometimes makes you lose concentration, because you don’t think about what you’re doing, and you end up making childish mistakes.Luckily the derby match has been moved to another date and so we have time to recover 2 really important players to the team. Second place is close. When we don’t win the coach isn’t happy. We’re thinking about second place and then the Italian title. Coach Inzaghi teaches us so much, he’s a winner. He was a winner as a player and the same goes now that he’s a coach. It’s important to have him as coach because it’s like he’s out on the pitch with all the advice that he gives us. The goal in the final of the Viareggio Tournament was the best moment up until now. The objective is to win the Italian title.The Youth League was good for us as we played against teams superior to us. If we play in competitions with straight knock-out matches we would then see the benefits from our experience in the Youth League. My dad always gives good advice on how to become a good footballer, but above all advice on how to become a man.”