MILAN – Massimiliano Allegri spke exclusively to the Milan Channel ahead of tomorrow evening’s Milan derby at 20.45 at the San Siro:“It’s a good choice for Niang as he needs to play and at his age many players are still in the Primavera side, maybe he’s had too much responsibility on his shoulders. Yong players have to be let grow. There are times when everything will be rosy and other times when things will be tough. It’s all a part of growth. The same thing happened to El Shaarawy. I think the choice to go to Montpellier is a good one.”“Inter are doing very well in the league. I think Mazzarri’s strength is the way they play at both ends of the pitch. They’re the best team in the league pushing forward.”“He’s doing a great job with Inter as he did with Napoli. It’ll be tough for us as we’ll be up against a team both angry and experienced, so we’ll need to be very good.”“I’ve never really spoken to Mazzarri, just a few jokes to break the tension. I hope we can get a result tomorrow. Emanuelson trained normally yesterday so he should be available.”“We did well against Roma and we showed courage as well. We were on the back of an intense match played with 10 players against 11 and we might had had to pay for that but that wasn’t the case. Roma are the top team along with Juventus and we did well. Tomorrow will be different as there’s that derby tension. We’ll have to create the right conditions to allow us to get a result.”“Balotelli has done well both on his own and with a player next to him. Matri opens up more space as a central striker and it’s an advantage for Mario to have him by his side. It was normal that we wouldn’t be able to hold onto possession against Ajax as we were down to 10 men. The team played tidily. It was a balanced match against Roma. Wins come from suffering and sacrifice and there aren’t many teams in the world that win without sufferance. Last season we did well thanks to a tight defense. This season we’re the top team in terms of possession and shots on target but that’s all relative as what counts is winning the games. It makes no sense to speak about my future on the eve of the derby. There’ll be time for that. The choice to leave the terraces open was the right one. Important words have come from both Adriano Galliani and Barbara Berlusconi. Milan have to remain one of the most important teams in world football.”