MILAN – Milan Giovanissimi 2002 coach Alessandro Lupi has spoken to the Milan Channel following his team’s triumph over the weekend at the ‘Torneo delle Sirene’ in Sorrento:

“I am really happy with how the tournament went. We played good football and the players showed they are developing. These players have started a new course in which we are trying to teach them new ideas such as creating the extra-man, timing and the way they use the space. It was a very closely fought tournament, against youth teams from the south, who are very strong. We were drawn in a very tough group and we faced some difficult teams. In the final, the lads had to face a new situation from a mental standpoint. I asked them to carry out the technical-tactical ideas which we work on. The lads did really well not to take any notice of the provocations and handle the pressure. As a team, we made life really hard for Napoli in the final. I was really happy with what Mauro Bianchessi had to say. His words really pleased me. As for the team’s development, this project will reveal in the coming years the value of the work that is being carried out. This group of players are also really quick learners.”