MILAN – This is what Juraj Kucka had to say exclusively to Milan Channel:

“After these victories the atmosphere is very nice. We are all very happy and we want to continue like this, there are two games at home and we have to win them. We are trying to qualify for the Champions League, but we have to take one game at a time. It would be great to get back up the table. Everyone wants to get back into Europe. I want to score more goals but I am not as good as Carlos or M’Baye. I supported Milan when I was young and it had been four years that my name was linked with the club but I was concentrating on Genoa. It was just talk really but now it has happened I am really glad to be here. We have gained a lot of confidence from winning the derby and hopefully we can go on from there in each game and show our quality for all the ninety minutes. It is important to have strikers who score in nearly every game and then we have Bonaventura and Honda who set them up. I am pleased and I always try to give my all and show that I can start each match. Life is strange. Anything can happen but I am delighted to be at Milan. It always depends on the player if they will do well or not. I am the first player from Slovakia to wear the Rossoneri shirt, in my country there are many fans who follow Milan, some of my friends are Rossoneri fans. Serbia and Slovakia are very different, many think that we understand each other but that is not the case.”