< ![CDATA[MILAN- Filippo Inzaghi spoke exclusively to the Milan Channel before his pre-match press conference. This what the Italian coach had to say:Inzaghi started by saying the following: “We have to be realistic tomorrow. It is a very hard match, but it’s a fascinating one nevertheless. Who would have predicted that we would be at the top of the table after 2 matches? My only regret is the fact that this match isn’t played 2 months down the line when we would have been in a better condition to take them on. However, we have very little to lose against a top side. I hope for a perfect match and to beat Juve you need a perfect match. They haven’t conceded since the 28th of April. The fans will give us the right motivation to do well.”Asked about how the rossoneri will play against Juve, this is what Inzaghi said: “We will have to adapt against a strong and solid side, but we have to play our game. We have to be realistic. We have studied each opponent so far and for the match we’ve prepared in the best possible way. I hope to give confidence to my players and that we will go for it. The enthusiasm can help us.”More on Juve and former coach Antonio Conte:  “I respect Antonio Conte for what he did at Juve and also the rules that he brought with him and what he’s doing with Italy. He’s appreciated by everyone. You can see his work is carried out with values and they are the basis of what is needed in football. I’m also happy to meet up again with Massimiliano Allegri tomorrow. We enjoyed some important moments together.”Updates on tomorrow’s possible starting line-up and the injury front: “The players are making it hard for me because of their spirit and how they train. I am spoilt for choice. The only ones that are out are Diego Lopez and Alex. Luckily we have Abbiati and 5 choices in the centre back role.”More from Inzaghi: “I don’t know how far we can go, but I know where we started from. We can’t expect to be perfect. We have to improve, but these players have had 2 excellent matches and shown great desire. We now have to improve and concede less, but you can’t improve on that in 1 month or 2 months, it takes daily work. We shall take the positives and think about the areas where we need to improve. I also want to mention Saponara, who has done well but has now had this injury. Luckily, we will have him back in around 20 days’ time.”The turnaround in the side is credit of the players according to the Milan coach:  “The credit goes to the players. I hoped they would show everyone what we the coaching staff saw in training. I asked them to show that and told them that they earned the shirt. My biggest satisfaction? The interviews from the players this week in which I heard kind words. It’s pleasing and I thank them for this. This serves us well. I haven’t done anything other than bring back the Milan values. The President first of all mirrors this and the desire to do well. The club is giving me a great hand. From the President, to Barbara Berlusconi to Adriano Galliani who calls me every day. This closeness helps me and leaves me calm to do well and make my choices. We will need everyone over the season. This is one of the most positive things.” Finally: “The President will come today like every Friday and bring his enthusiasm and desire to be close to us. Let’s hope that we can give him a great match. I hope tomorrow we make it hard for Juve and then we shall see how it goes.” ]]>