GIOVANNI GALLI TO THE MILAN CHANNEL: “Diego Lopez is a big coup”

< ![CDATA[MILAN – This is what former Milan shot-stopper Giovanni Galli had to say in an interview exclusively to the Milan Channel: "I sent a little message to Mr. Galliani saying that Diego Lopez is a big coup. He’s an important player, he is the right age for a goalkeeper and he can guarantee at least 4 years at the highest levels. He knows how to deal with the pressure that the Milan shirt brings with it. He carved out for himself a place as a first-team player at Real Madrid, he’s well-built physically, he’s complete. He also seems to me very professional and at the big clubs you need top professionals. The addition of Diego Lopez covers an important area. When you have a goalkeeper that gives you performances, but also knows how to transmit calmness, it brings serenity to the group. A squad that has ambition has to have goalkeepers that can give guarantees. His model professionalism is one of his strengths. Agazzi is a lad who has come through at a place like Cagliari, he was the heir to Marchetti at a time when Marchetti was the Italian National Team goalkeeper and idol of Cagliari. He’s had some good championship campaigns, but the Milan shirt brings with it responsibilities. At Milan you have 90 minutes of mental pressure, at Cagliari and Chievo he was always under pressure, while at Milan you have to always stay absolutely focused even if for 80 minutes you don’t touch the ball." Galli also had this to say about the coaching staff: "10 years ago the role of the coach was discussed, and taking the example of American Football, you could see that the coach was controlling everything but the individual areas were handed to specialists. The boss is always the boss, the coach, his role shouldn’t be delegitimised. The important thing is to work on single areas with specific staff, but the coach is the focal point."]]>