MILAN – Here’s what players and management had to say after Milan crashed out of this seasons Champions League at the hands of Atletico Madrid in the Spanish capital:CLARENCE SEEDORF“We’ve played some big games in the last few weeks and we’ve nothing to show for it. That kills the ability to react. There was no grit in the second half. Our fans have definitely suffered for too long but I’m sure they have black and red hearts and when someone falls, they have to get back up. The players are working with commitment and they’re trying to get out of this situation. From my part, from tomorrow, I’ll be working with strength and enthusiasm to get their spirits back up as Parma will be the first of 11 games from here to the end of the league and we’ll have to do well to end the season the best we can. It’s over now and we have to react. We have to look to the match against Parma and find the strength to get back on our feet as life teaches us. I believe that we tried to get the best out of ourselves in this match. We played a great game against Atletico in the first leg and we knew it would be difficult to come here but we had to play it. Now we have to play as well as we can for the remaining 11 matches in the league and then start thinking about next season. All players will be important from here to the end. We need courage, strength to fight and we have to stick together to the end”.CHRISTIAN ABBIATI"It was a particular game and we’ve taken steps back with respect to recent performances. We didn’t play well in Udine and tonight we definitely too another step back. We knew it wouldn’t be easy and after Ricardo got the equalizer, we crushed them. It was a shame about their second goal as the deviation put it right in the corner. It’s disappointing to go out of the Champions League like this and we have to recharge our batteries as on Sunday we’ll be up against a team that’s playing well. Now it’s very important to focus on the league as we have 11 games ahead of us. From here to the end of the season, all us players will be under examination. All of us have to show that we’re able to wear this jersey”.ANDREA POLI"It’s a shame as we conceded immediately once the game started. We’re were playing well at 1-1 and then there was that own goal. It’s a bad day for all of us. After 2-1 they overcame us, especially in the second half. When you lose 4-1, you can’t talk about good individual performances. We were in trouble for a lot of the game. I want to start again from that 20-30 minutes in the first half when we were at 1-1. We’ll get back on our feet, starting from tomorrow and analyze the positives and the negatives from the match. Now we have 11 games left and we want to win them all to end the season in the best way possible. This was a good chance here this evening but we didn’t take it. Now we have to get back on our feet as soon as we can. The start of the match was bad and we can’t deny that. After we got to 1-1, it was more balanced and then we let in an unlucky goal that cut us off at the legs a bit. We have to start back from those 20-30 minutes when we were playing at their level”.CLARENCE SEEDORF (PRESS CONFERENCE)"In the second half they created a lot and we didn’t react. They played better, all credit to them and the best of luck for the rest of the competition.I didn’t see any problems between Balotelli and Pazzini, I was focused on other aspects of the match. We have 11 matches left to play in the league and Balotelli remains fundamental for us. When you win, you win together and it’s the same when you lose. It0s not anyone one single player’s fault.Even if a single player doesn’t have the best evening of his life, that doesn’t mean the team can’t do well all the same. This evening, that’s the way it went. In the second half in particular, we struggled a lot. The second goal killed our ability to react. We fought, we tried but we couldn’t do it. We played some good matches this month, but continually chasing the game, we ran out of energy. Then we conceded one of those goals. Now we have to try and pull the best out of ourselves. At this moment, the players couldn’t give any more than they did, both physically and mentally.I’m used to getting back up when I fall. We lost a game against a big team that deserved to win. From tomorrow though, myself and the players will be right back to work trying to do better and to grow”.