(IN THE PHOTO: Kesiuke Honda)MILAN – Today is the first day of the transfer window and the day that AC Milan have started the necessary procedure with the Italian Football Federation to complete the signing of Keisuke Honda, making him a Milan player.Club director Umberto Gandini is looking after the details.On top of all of this, behind the scenes, the media countdown to the player’s presentation has begun and the interest from the Japanese media is overwhelming.The Asian Player of the Year is about to join the team that played 6 Club World Cup finals between Tokyo and Yokohama: AC Milan.The club is big in Japan to say the least and players such as Gullit, Van Basten and more recently Pirlo and Inzaghi know something about that. Japanese television stations and print journalists confirmed the enormous fan base that the club enjoys in Japan in the last few months.Keisuke has been determined to join the Rossoneri for some time and the club have waited for him. Japan is excited and so are the fans. Just the way it should be. Happy 2014 everyone.