CHIARUGI TO THE MILAN CHANNEL: “We all know Milan’s history and it must get back to those levels.”

MILAN – Ex-Fiorentina and Milan player Luciano Chiarugi spoke to the Milan Channel ahead of this Monday’s Serie A match at the Franchi which brings together his two former sides:

“Alessio Cerci had already been compared to me during his time at Fiorentina. He has incredible qualities, but he’s a player that needs confidence and to play, obviously if he’s doing well. His strengths and his qualities come out when he’s satisfied, players like him need to be motivated and encouraged to perform to their best. At the Franchi, Milan will be met by a Fiorentina side eager for third place, which I still believe they can pursue. I’ve always believed that Fiorentina were one of the sides in the best condition in Serie A, then they had one injury too many, and Montella has had to think about managing the group in the best way possible. The result will depend partly on what Milan can do. I hope they have found a bit more serenity to take on this final stretch and join the race for a place in Europe. We all know Milan’s history and it must get back to those levels and it will be like this.”