(IN THE PHOTO: The new headquarters at Vismara)MILAN – Milan has always been a club attentive to the development of youth players and the new club headquarters at the Vismara sports centre is evidence of that.
A deal has been signed between the club and the archdiocese of Milan for the management of the Vismara sports centre for the next 10 years. Work on the interior of the sports centre has started immediately.
The central pitch has been relayed and a pitch is being made solely for goalkeepers. These are only two of the interventions aimed at making Vismara an elite sporting centre.
As well as these new initiatives, the club also wanted a new organizational centre for the Youth Sector and just this week, building has finished on the new construction. 2 floors and over 1000 square meters with Milan Lab offices on the ground floor with the scouting offices and meeting rooms on the first floor.
The construction of the new centre was an aim of the Youth Sector Director of Organization Antonella Costa. A model of institutional and sporting excellence for the development of future football champions. Present seeds for future harvests. This is the Milan model.