< ![CDATA[MILAN – Bryan Cristante has spoken to Milan Channel on the eve of the the Rossoneri’s participation in the Naranja Estrella Damm Trophy against Valencia: "I am feeling great. Our tour of North America was positive although it may not seem that way from the results. We are grasping what the coach expects from us. Pablo Armero and Diego Lopez are definitely two excellent arrivals and they will give us a massive hand. We must seek to express our style of play even against Valencia, that way we can continue to grow and arrive on form for the start of the season. We are relaxed and in a positive frame of mind, we have our style of play and we need only express it, even in Spain. We are keen to get underway; we started our pre-season quite some time back, preparing for the kick off to the season and we can’t wait for the action to start,    "I hope I can cut out some space for me this season. I am coming off a season which allowed me to grow a lot and I hope that this season to come I hope I can demonstrate just how much I have matured.” ]]>