MILAN – Youth team coach Cristian Brocchi spoke exclusively to the Milan Channel earlier today and ahead of his side’s participation at the prestigious Viareggio Tournament:

“I always ask my team to play with the same attitude for the entire 90 minutes. I don’t like to see anyone stop playing and we always have to attack and score. That is what we’re doing. I am pleased for Luca Vido. He is scoring some important goals and he and the team deserved to be praised. A player that wears the Milan jersey is always fired up. In my day, no one needed to be fired up. We were always hungry to play for this club. It was in our DNA. I start off with the premise that every player has to be able to handle the pressure. There is a lot of responsibility at this club and you have to be able to deal with the pressure in the good and the bad times. The Europa League will have a big impact, mentally and physically. It will be very draining for Lazio. Your routine changes and the match with Sparta Prague will be very tiring. Lazio will be focused on Europe. Let’s hope they progress and then we will see how Milan approach the match on Sunday.”