MILAN – On the day of his 30 year-anniversary since taking ownership of the club, the President Silvio Berlusconi spoke to journalists at the press-room at Milanello. This is what he said:

“We still harbour the dream of an all-Italian Milan. We have many young Italians in defence and we’re just missing a few in attack. Even if for the moment we have Bacca who is a clinical finisher. There have been many reforms that I have put forward in the past 30 years that have been successful such as the Champions League formula. We’re still missing something like a time-out as they have in basketball or even a European Championship that involves clubs with a great European tradition. There were three final deadlines with Mr. Bee which we weren’t able to respect because of the collapse of the Asian stock-market. But we like him a lot and we like his plan to commercialise the Milan brand in China. We ignored other offers because they were only seeking popularity.”