< ![CDATA[MILANELLO - The Bosnia midfielder Andrej Modic spoke exclusively to Milan Channel and this is what he had to say:"Unfortunately I am upset about the injury to Piccinocchi. I am happy about the performance and I am sure that we will do well this year. The boss Inzaghi has helped me a lot especially away from pitch and has allowed us to reach some importnat goals. We are learning so much from the first team players, we are trying to steal all there trick but actually they have welcomed us really well. The professional players help us a lot, they were once young. The coaching staff is full of great people and they are also helping a lot. We are a little tired because we are working really hard. We didn't have a lot of space yesterday but we did well. I think Inzaghi is in his natural habitat with the first team and the first day was a dream come true for me. I hope to keep going like this. I really didn't expect so many fans after the disappointment of last season and we have to do well for them. With the Primavera we hope to win the Viareggio and the championship. We are a good team with coach Brocchi, I have spoke with him and he seems very keen. There is no one player that has inspired me, I watch them all and just try to understand where I can improve."]]>