MILANELLO – Clarence Seedorf’s pre-match press conference yesterday ahead of the match against Genoa tonight at the Marassi stadium:
“The team is growing well and we have to keep pushing from here until the end of the season. This is a team that’s used to battling for very difficult objectives. Tomorrow is the toughest match of the seven games we have to play and we’ve worked well this week. We rested well and have our strength back. There are many teams ahead of us and we need to get the most amount of points possible from here to the end of the season. Parma, Torino, Verona, they’re all there. Every match is three important points”.“Things have taken shape in the last few matches but we haven’t changed much. Kakà and Honda are playing better between themselves and a lot of that is because of time. We’re starting to see a real team and that’s very satisfying. Poli is an important player for us but they can all give their contribution. Montolivo will be back on the pitch and he’ll start with De Jong against Genoa”.“Tomorrow is the toughest and most important game. They’re in forma and fighting well. They have great fans and they’re tough to face at home. Cristante will be coming with us to Genoa but he won’t start. I’ve yet to decide on the rest of the team. They’ve all been working well and that’s why we got the results that we have. When you win, the atmosphere is always better.“We know that things can change in life. Kakà knows well what the fans, myself and the club want. Then at the end of the season we’ll see. The club’s objectives won’t change. De Sceglio is doing physiotherapy and El Shaarawy is getting closer to the pitch but he’s been out for a long time. Honda can play on the right. His future is here and he’s doing very well. I’ve always though he can do well there. He provides good balance. Now he’s getting to know Italian football and it’s clear that he’s playing better. With the quality that we have up front, we have to know where to be when we defend but also to have freedom when we attack".