< ![CDATA[MILANO - Alessandro Mastalli spoke exclusively to Milan Channel and this is what he had to say:"From the very first training session everyone is listening to the coach, there is a lot of respect. There is a lot of enthusiasm that coach Inzaghi has brought to the training ground and he is increasing the standards of the team. The fans really are incredible despite last season. Seeing a crowd like that at Casa Milan left us speechless and I really have to thank the fans. Scoring my first goal in the friendly game was a special moment. We players tend to think more about the performance but if you do score a goal then even better. Working with the first team means I am improving in every part of my game, both psychologically but also physically. I really love this shirt, this is my fifth year at Milan and every year the club has been very supportive so kissing the shirt was just my way of thanking the club. My goals for this season are to win what we didn't manage to win with the Primavera last season."]]>