(IN THE PHOTO: 6 MAY 1979, the celebrations after the 10th Scudetto triumph)MILANO – On the 6th of May 1906, exactly 108 years ago, Milan won the Scudetto although it was surrounded by controversy. In the final group of 3 teams, Milan and Juventus finished level on 5 points each ahead of Genoa on 2. The play-off was played on the 29th of April in Turin because of Juve’s superior goal difference. The match finished 0-0 after extra-time. The Football League Association decided to re-play the match but with Milan as the home side on the 6th of May but Juve refused to comply. As a result, Milan were handed a 3-0 victory and their second Scudetto title.On the 6th of May 1979 meanwhile, 35 years ago, Milan finally earned the right to have a gold star on its shirt with its 10th Scudetto triumph. There were celebrations that afternoon at the San Siro after the 0-0 draw in the penultimate round of the season against Bologna. The rossoneri managed to stay ahead of the unbeatable Perugia of Ilario Castagner and Silvano Ramaccioni who finished second and 3 points behind Milan.