NO TO RACISM. Moise Kean suffering racial abuse during game against Cagliari.

By Anna Italia
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It’s just incredible that in 2019 we are still seeing racism abuse during a football game. It’s suppose to be a game and celebrate the beauty of a football game. I was so disappointed to see how some Cagliari fans at the Sardegna Arena expressed racial abuse against 19-years old Moise Kean on Tuesday 2 April 2019 during the Serie A Week 30 game Cagliari 0 – 2 Juventus.

Kean is a young footballer, born in Vercelli, Italy to Ivorian parents, and is doing what he likes “playing football.” Kean is a youngster full of dreams and is not right that some fans direct racism abuse including monkey chants just for the color of his skin.  There is no space for racism.

I do agree with Juventus captain Giorgio Chiellini that Moise Kean did nothing wrong by celebrating a goal.  Here is what Kean did. He stood next to the post with his arms spread wide, after scoring for Juventus victory 2-0.   My position is “NO TO RACISM, period.”

Bottom line, Kean is a promising Italian footballer who also plays for the Italian National team.  Kean scored his first goal with Italy on March 23, 2019 against Finland in the  UEFA Euro 2020 qualifying match. Italy 2 – 0 Finland.   Amazing, Kean became the youngest player to start a match for Italy since Edoardo Mariani in 1912 and also the youngest to score since 1958.  Surely, NO TO RACISM.   Forza Moise Kean.